There are a couple things that you might want to consider before we begin the selection of the perfect memorial for your loved one.  First, you need to know that some cemeteries have restrictions as to what type of memorial can be placed…such as allowing only flat markers, bronze markers or height restrictions.  Second…if you do not have a certainty of what type of memorial you would like…take some time to look around at cemeteries in the area.  Memorial shapes, sizes, colors and designs that continue to catch your eye may be something that you would like to consider for your loved one.  Feel free to take pictures or make note of the name on the memorial and the location so that we can take a look ourselves.  We can create any memorial that you would like.

Things we will need to know:

  1. What cemetery will the memorial be placed in?
    Why do we ask this? All cemeteries are different in regards to regulations/restrictions.  Some have height restrictions, some require bronze memorials only, some require memorials flush with the ground, some have a setting fee that will need to be included in the sale of the purchase and so on.  Once we know where the memorial will be installed…we can let you know what type of regulations are required in that particular cemetery.

  2. Will the marker you be purchasing be for one person, two people or more?
    We will need to know how many loved ones will be represented on the memorial and how many plots are being utilized.  This will give us an idea of how much space we have to work with and what the maximum size of the memorial can be.
    These two questions will allow us to determine the space we can utilize and in return abide by the cemetery rules and regulations.

  3. What is your budget for purchasing a memorial?
    The cost of a memorial mainly depends on the size, shape and color of the memorial.  While you may be looking at a smaller stone in one color, you may be able to purchase a larger stone in a different color. By telling us your budget, we can show you all options available in that price range.

Whether you want to stop by our office or contact us via email or telephone…once we have a general idea of what style and size memorial you prefer…we can begin working on the design to create a drawing so that you can view what the finished memorial will look like.  You then can make any changes that you prefer until the drawing is exactly what you want.